to type or not to type?

For years I have tried and ultimately failed to keep a journal. Repeated attempts at beginning one have always met with what can only be called immediate doom…although I may have been successful for a few days or even a few weeks on several occasions, the life I tried desperately to record in said journal always managed to get in the way.  And now a lovely stack of those failed attempts sits on a shelf in the closet reminding me of the many missed opportunities and all of life’s “stuff” that will never be recorded.

Thankfully my memory is quite stellar & i possess a knack for remembering the most random of details, thus I will not waste my time on past regrets. Instead, I’ve decided to begin this blog, something I should have done years ago.

Perhaps one of the key reasons I never quite grasped the art of journaling is my OCD-like tendency to want each word and sentence to be perfect–perfect indentation, perfect spacing, perfect handwriting. A sentence that takes two seconds to type out on a keyboard would take five times longer to do by hand if my hand were the one writing it. Yes, it’s quite obvious I was made to type (although a sweet handwritten note is still one of my favorite things).

So here I am with my eyes wide open…my heart and my mind, too.

What will become of this blog is really anybody’s guess, but for now, here goes nothing…

joys, M.

One response to “to type or not to type?

  1. Kelly Vanderburg

    Looking forward to knowing you more through your words…

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