i never say goodbye.

When it comes time to part ways with someone for a length of time, I refuse to say goodbye. At some point in my life I got the notion that goodbye held too much permanence, too much sadness, thus I decided it would not  be a word to easily pass through my lips. More often than not I find myself saying “see you soon” instead, even if I know it could be weeks or months until I see someone again. You could even say the word “soon” is a bit of a balm for my heart, it has a way of making the finality of farewells seem a little less permanent.

I had the joy of saying “see you soon” today to Ashley…or “rooms” as I will forever call her. She heads off to begin a new job and a new life in Atlanta at the end of the week, and before I too headed out of town, we grabbed a few hours together this afternoon—shopping around IKEA no less. As we rode up the escalator to begin our trek around the fun-house that is IKEA, Ash grabbed my arm & said “Ah rooms, every time I see you it feels like I just saw you yesterday.” I couldn’t agree more.

We are each blessed with certain individuals in our lives whose presence and influence is constant no matter the distances or lengths of time which separate us. Ashley is one of mine. We met sometime towards the end of our sophomore year of college but didn’t really become friends until returning in the fall for our junior year…oddly enough, neither of us can pin-point exactly how and when we became friends. It just happened (and I think that’s how it’s supposed to be!). She became “rooms” at the start of senior year when we moved into our house, Little KD, as roommates and embarked on a fabulous 9 months of living together. And I truly and honestly mean fabulous.

rooms is quite the hottie, in case you can't tell.

Today, almost exactly a year later, I drove away from my rooms not knowing when I would see her again and yet no tears were shed, in fact we hardly even discussed the separation at all. You see, this is the true beauty of friendship: living in the moments you share together. We find no need to dwell on what is before us for in doing so we miss the time we share together in the here and now.

So even if my head attempts to trick my heart into believing in the reality that is time, that it may very well be weeks before I see Ashley again, my heart will be ready and waiting because my heart said “see you soon” today. And no matter how much time passes before I see my rooms again, I have a sneaking suspicion it will feel as if it was just yesterday.

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