it’s the little things.

Who knew a non-stop day that begin at 7:00 this morning could turn out to be so GOOD? [to clarify: by non-stop I mean 7:00 am – 11:00 pm…oh yes] It’s now 11:48 and as I sit cozied up in bed (clearly, I wasted no time getting straight into pj’s!) I can’t seem to ignore the pure joy bubbling through my veins–now where did this come from?

In the past few months I have begun to truly understand the importance of finding joy in the “little things.” I’ve always been quite easily pleased and excited by just about anything, but this joy in  “the little things” has been a whole new kind of lesson learned. Instead of simply finding momentary bliss from something small, I’m learning to translate an occasion’s momentary joy into a permanent joy. As I’ve learned to value and appreciate the little things in life equally as much (if not more) as the big things, I’ve come to realize that the joy we choose to purposefully make present within us each day can drastically impact our outlooks on life as well as bring joy to those around us. I’m a big fan of JOY and spreading JOY to others (:

And the unending source of my joy, of course, is my heavenly Father. He’s been blessing me with some pretty incredible “moments” lately as if to simply say “See daughter, I know better than anyone how to make you smile.”  And today was no different.

Now as I prepare to put this day to bed, and my body along with it, I find myself still smiling after a day that truly was nothing more than ordinary…but boy oh boy, what an incredible gift it is to know a perfect and loving Father who makes the most ordinary of days truly extraordinary!

so thankful.

a smattering of today’s joyful moments:

if i were in charge, IceDreams would be a food group all their own. yummy.

i just downloaded the “Revolution” song from the Gatorade “G Series” commercial and can’t stop playing it…SUCH a happy song! [dancing along is totally permitted and very much encouraged!]

this room spotted on design*sponge is the essence of cheer---bright + airy + punchy-colored pillows!

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