you are what you eat…

today i’m choosing not to believe in this old adage as I quite possibly had the worst food day of the YEAR.

it began this morning when i didn’t begin the day with breakfast—FAIL numero uno. I am definitely a breakfast girl but today i fell off the wagon!

a fast-food lunch as my first food of the day should have been light-bulb moment number one…yet it only got worse.

i had the distinct pleasure of meeting up with Miss Emily for an afternoon treat at Coldstone — I quickly decided to let the fact that the sorbet (not the worst thing I could have gotten!) shared with my sweet friend over some MUCH needed catch up time was well worth the extra sugar intake!

strawberry banana mango sorbet eaten w. a cute little spoon (:

And don’t worry, the food failures only continued. Next it was off to meet Chels and Erin for a spontaneous dinner at Lily’s in the fabulous little Five Points neighborhood of Raleigh. Lily’s is a local pizza joint that just so happens to have recently won the title of “Best Pizza” in the Triangle  — long story short, I concur and enjoyed every bite of my spinach & mushroom pie!

it's quite the quirky little joint complete w. airplanes & the WOW factor!

By this point I have resigned myself to the fact that there remains no nutritional hope for the day so yes, you guessed it, we decided to dash over to The Cupcake Shoppe for a bite of something sweet to end the evening. Thankfully the cupcakes are not ginormous and we decided to split two cupcakes (Simply Cinnamon & Peanut Butter Cup) three ways ( ;

and you thought boutiques were only for shoes & dresses!

the Simply Cinnamon was pure bliss. Chelsea's company was an added bonus of course!

though i will be working double time in the next few days to work some extra fruit & veggies into my diet, I must admit today’s MANY “not so good for you” splurges were enjoyed with some of my favorite people and accompanied by amazing conversations — therefore i feel no remorse over a single bite!

here’s to an occasional “junk food” day, cheers!

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