dare to be sketchy.

i’m grinning from ear to ear after having just discovered The Sketchbook Project…it might just be the coolest idea I’ve seen in quite some time.

What is it you ask? Let me explain.

ANYBODY from ANYWHERE in the WORLD can sign-up to be a sketcher. After an individual signs up, a sketchbook (more specifically, a fabulous Moleskin) is shipped to him/her and along with it comes the task of filling the sketchbook with all the creativity he/she can muster!

A quirky twist comes into play with the addition of a list of “themes” from which each participant must choose one to be the theme of his/her sketchbook. Ranging from “It’s raining cats & dogs” to “HELP!” to “Capture the Flag” the rather random list of themes is broad enough to ensure each participant’s interpretation of his/her theme will be wonderfully unique.

Sketcher’s have several months to fill their sketchbooks before sending them back to NYC’s Arthouse Co-Op where they will be organized by theme and then packed up and shipped out on a 7-city national tour. YEP, that’s right, starting in March 2011 American’s across the country will have the opportunity to browse thousands of sketchbooks created by people from around the world. Seriously, how COOL is that?

After the tour every single sketchbook makes its way back to the Brooklyn Art Library where it becomes a permanent catalog entry in the sketchbook library. For years to come sketchbooks can be enjoyed by anybody & everybody…every last doodle.

the 2009 Project Sketchbook Tour was widely successful and it looks as if the 2011 tour will be even bigger and better!!

mark your calendars (:

for more info: check out the Sketchbook Project’s home page and don’t miss other cool things the Arthouse Co-Op has going on!

now i’m off to order my own sketchbook (: fare thee well!

ps: it’s thundering and lightening like CRAZY right now. the sound of pouring rain on the roof is unmatched…ahhh.

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