a bit of tinkering.

This morning I had the joy of spending some time with Oscar, age 3 & 1/2. Having never spent one-on-one time with him before, I arrived at 8:00 this morning curious to see how Oscar would react when his dad left for work…early morning transitions aren’t always the best!

Have no fear, Oscar & I got along from the moment I walked in the door and the rest of the day was a blast as we bounced from one fun thing to the next (seriously, I had a ball!).

I quickly learned Oscar likes to build things as he went immediately to pull out his big bin of Tinker Toys. It’s a safe bet to say that most all of you have played with Tinker Toys at some point in life as they have been around for almost a century (they first hit the toy scene in 1913). And I think it’s safe to say that Oscar is not the first kid nor will he be the last kid to enjoy some good ‘ol tinkering.

Today, however, we not only played with Tinker Toys, we also turned them into art…yes, ART. As Oscar began creating a star-burst with blue rods I couldn’t help but make a few more using the other colors. We then stacked our individual “bursts” on top of each other and I absolutely love the way our colorful “sun” (as Oscar called it) turned out.

I look at it and can instantly see a fun base for a clock…it would be pretty easy to purchase a little kit, stick the wires through the pre-drilled holes and VOILA, you’ve got yourself a clock!

Now Oscar is a smart little fella and I found I had to remind myself time and again that he has yet to turn four. Case in point: he came up with the following idea!

As I began to help him with his design we came up with the idea of hanging his creation from the ceiling in his room. The blades at the end of each pole glow in the dark and look really cool hanging above you. The “Oscar Mobile”  will make a great night light for O’s room and he thought of it all by himself!

the "Oscar Mobile's" desinger & architect.

who knew tinkering could produce such brilliant ideas? I’ll be taking a cue from this little guy and start spending more time puttering around… you never know what you might come up with in the end!

happy tinkering (:

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