to know someone you must first “see.”

it’s been another non-stop day of wonderfulness, but I must admit I’m looking forward to catching some quality shut-eye…perhaps the lights might even be out before midnight!

this evening was “date night” with my darling Hayes (aka Haysie or Rutherford B.). I am only slightly embarrassed to admit the two of us demolished 4 rolls of sushi at one of our favorite spots, Shiki Sushi, here in Durham. Hungry tummies + deliciousness = clean plate. We followed dinner with a movie (“Charlie St. Cloud”) and a stroll through Urban Outfitters before ending the night w. IceDreams (#2 this week for me) and life-ponderings in the Chick-fil-a parking lot.

I am thankful beyond words for the many wonderful friendships I have been blessed with. God has surrounded me with incredible individuals always ready to listen to my heart, encourage me in my endeavors & love me even when I’m not at my most lovable.

Hayes is one such friend. Coincidentally enough, H sent me home with a thank you note and quote from Donald Miller that beautifully sums up what it’s like when you first discover a true friend.

“When you truly see a person, you start wondering what their life is like and where they grew up and how they got to be the person they have become.”

You’ve been there haven’t you? You’ve “seen” someone you immediately wanted to know more about and perhaps even develop a friendship with. I myself have been known on several occasions to flat out ask a stranger, “can we be friends?”  The connection between true friends is intense from the very beginning and that’s what makes those friendships long-lasting and deeply special.

Tonight I find myself  immensely grateful for Hayes and the many other “true” friends that daily bless my life…I do believe I have more than I deserve.

thankful, M.

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