growing pains.

Today I was forced to act like a grown up. Don’t get me wrong, I’m quite the mature individual if may say so, but I’ve always had the comfort of knowing my parents are “more” grown up & thus I was entitled to always be their “kid.”

And then my car died this afternoon with mom & dad 2 hours away.

I immediately called home, then daddy’s cell, then momma’s cell—-ring, ring, ring and no answers. A series of deep breaths followed before I trudged back inside to figure out my next move.  The situation could have been worse; I could have been in a random parking lot  or stuck on the side of a road and not at the apartment where I was able to “wait” in comfort for someone to call me back. For that, I’m immensely grateful.

Dad eventually called me back after discovering my bazillion missed calls & confirmed the battery or the alternator one had officially retired. My daddy has a way of always being my white knight.

Auto garages close at 5:00 & my car was pronounced dead at 5:15, so yep, she’s still in the parking lot awaiting her fate. In the mean time yours truly has been forced  to do a little growing up. Phone call after phone call has been made to tie up loose ends for tomorrow, garages have been researched to call first thing in the A.M. and I’ve even become a card-carrying member of AAA. While a few stressful tears were shed(I can’t stand feeling like I’m making things difficult for others), I for the most part have remained calm thanks in part to the incredible support from those around me—Anna even called from Oklahoma to check on me!

Tomorrow morning will dawn bright & EARLY as I have a date with AAA with the possibility of a date at Clayton’s Garage to follow. Guess what? I’ll survive. Grown-ups deal with unexpected annoyances everyday and it seems it’s time I learn to deal with my fair share!

For now, I’m incredibly thankful for parents & friends who come to my rescue in record time and for the privilege of owning a car in the first place…even if it is currently dead as a doornail.

Now it’s time to end this day on a positive note…enjoying an Elvis specialty & settling in with a good book.

peanut butter & banana...Elvis would be proud.

always learning, M.

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