mashup (n) = a hodge-podge of lovely things.

It’s easy to get the mid-week blues by the time Wednesday rolls around when two days still stand between you and the weekend. I’m not a fan of blue days, (that is unless they reference skies of Carolina blue & those are the absolute best!) so I made it my mission today to find a bucket of happy things— turns out I didn’t have to look far…or really at all…they came to me (:

1) open roads. yay for coming home! the last 12 days have been non-stop…needless to say, I’m looking forward to filling the next few days at home with family time & dates w. friends!

Carolina sunshine + groovy tunes + open road = swell.

2) restored hot rods. saw this gorgeous car on the drive home…it’s my goal to one day get behind the wheel of one of these beauties!

3) cafeteria chairs. from a wedding featured on poppytalk, the chairs in this picture make me ridiculously happy. i’m immediately transported back to the days of trading pinwheels & Dunkaroos at the lunch table.

love. this. so. much.

4) Coach Smith. spotted this hanging up in a restaurant today. Mr. Smith is the man.

Carolina in the house.

5) Glee. a mashup post isn’t complete without a Glee mashup. the hit show transformed the art of the mashup into an overnight phenomenon. this mashup of Journey classics from the Season 1 finale had me singing for days…ahh yes, I’m a total Gleek.

[note: the cast did this performance in front of a live audience…those people aren’t “acting” folks, they’re having a blast!]

happy Wednesday, y’all!

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