Tuesday Tunes: Needtobreathe.

It is only fitting  the first installment of Tuesday Tunes feature my favorite band. If you’ve never had the pleasure of listening to the boys of Needtobreathe, prepare to thank me for the introduction.

Bear & Bo Rinehart joined forces with with their two friends Seth & Joe in 1999 to form Needtobreathe. Hailing from Possum Kingdom, SC, (yes, this is a real place) the lack of a music “scene” in the guys’ tiny hometown enabled them to craft a truly unique sound—I could listen to frontman Bear’s voice all day, every day & never get tired of it.

Needtobreathe has only gained wide-spread attention within the last two years —the first time I had the honor of seeing the guys live (quite possibly the best show of my life thus far) there were less than three hundred people in attendance, that was October of 2009. Now the guys regularly play to crowds of 1,000+ and every show on their most recent tour sold out. A lot can happen in a year’s time.

The guys believed in their music for nearly a decade before success finally came knockin’…and something tells me they would have continued to play music for years to come if “public acknowledgment” had decided to pass them by. They are musicians in the truest sense & it’s evident in every note of every song.

I currently have 30+ of their songs in my iTunes library and I love every last one of them. Seriously, they are one of a few, if not the only artists I can listen to continuously without ever skipping a song.

If you’re at all familiar with Christian radio, you’ll recognize several of their songs: Washed by the Water, Lay’em Down, & their most recent single Something Beautiful. But fret not, these are only the tip of the iceberg! Spend some time listening to their three albums and if you like what you hear, and you will, I’d be happy to share the love and send a few c.d.’s your way (:

happy listening, M.

of course, I can’t leave you without sharing some of my fave YouTube videos of the fellas—you’re in for a treat x’s 3 (or more if you should choose to continue listening!).

Something Beautiful — the guys closed one of their shows with an acapella version of this and I almost cried. Music speaks to my heart unlike anything else & that particular performance was insanely powerful. Goosebumps all over.

Lay’em Down — Yes, I just watched this video three times. The lyrics in this song (and every song for that matter) are phenomenal… “all of you rich men, and the high above…all of those with & without love… all you burdened, broken down…bring all of your troubles & lay’em down.”

Garden — I did cry the first time I heard this one and on several more occasions. It speaks for itself.

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