$7 is power.

What did you spend money on today? Did you spend more than $7? The majority of you will answer yes to both questions. And it probably wouldn’t be a stretch to say almost all of you spent considerably more than $7, correct?

In the good ‘ol U S of A $7 is often just a drop in the bucket—grabbing lunch with a friend, taking in a movie at the local cinema, purchasing  7 songs on iTunes (if they’re 99 cents)—these are all things I’ve personally done in the last week without blinking twice before handing over my method of payment.

And yet $7 has the power to change lives, to save lives.

One of the most important $7 I spend each month goes to Mocha Club, an organization that allows people like you & me to drastically impact the lives of precious people in Africa. I first heard of Mocha Club almost four years ago at a Matt Wertz concert & instantly fell in love with its mission. After going to Kenya the following summer, I discovered an even deeper appreciation and passion for the work MC  members were doing…they were no longer helping people who simply lived on an entirely separate continent, they were helping my friends, people who had forever changed my life. I became a member without a moment’s hesitation.

I strongly (and I do mean strongly) encourage you to take some time to check out Mocha Club’s Web site for yourself, but for now I’ll do my best to give you MC in a nutshell.

1- $7 is the equivalent of two coffee beverages (hence Mocha Club), or if you’re like me & don’t drink coffee, the equivalent of four IceDreams. Signing up to become a member of Mocha Club means giving up a a $7 treat for yourself each month in order to bless someone else.

2- Your monthly $7 (or more) gift can go to one of five different project areas: Child Mothers + Women at Risk, Clean Water, Education, HIV/AIDS + Healthcare and Orphan Care + Vulnerable Children. You choose the one that is closest to your heart and prepare to be blessed.

3- $7 can save one life from malaria. $7 can provide 7 people with clean water for an entire year. $7 can sustain life for one person living w. AIDS.

4- before you know it $7 will be the most precious amount of money leaving your bank account each month.

Wow. I don’t even feel like I’ve scratched the surface in telling you how incredible this organization is. There are the music artists who share MC’s mission at their shows, an online store of goodies with 100% of profits going directly to benefit Africa, and the campus rep program that’s spreading MC love on college campuses across the country [shout out to Miss Marisa, campus rep coordinator extraordinaire…she might just be one of the greatest people you’ll ever meet!].

So once again, don’t take my word for it. This is me shamelessly encouraging you to see for yourself how fantastic Mocha Club is and seriously consider joining the club…I promise it’ll be the best $7 you spend each month & you won’t even miss it.

$7 is power. $7 is hope. $7 is change.

$7 is priceless.

lastly, my favorite Mocha Club video…my heart nearly bursts every time I watch it.

One response to “$7 is power.

  1. love this. love you.
    p.s. come back & visit nashville 🙂

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