dance fever.

To dance is to be out of yourself.  Larger, more beautiful, more powerful. ~Agnes De Mille

I started taking dance when I was 3 years old. Now I know what you’re thinking— “You were only three, you weren’t really dancing.” And of course there is some validity to that statement, I was indeed three and therefore nowhere close to being a premiere ballerina. However, had you the pleasure of knowing Ms. Evelyn Sills, you might be inclined to admit that I was in fact dancing at age 3. Ms. Sills taught technique from day one regardless of how old her pupils were.

Because of Ms. Sills I still find myself standing in first position while waiting in the check-out line or absentmindedly doing tendus while standing at the kitchen counter. And even though it’s been over 10 years since I’ve taken a dance “class,” I’m convinced dance will always be a part of me.

So it should come as no surprise that So You Think You Can Dance is one of my all time favorite shows. If you’ve never taken the time to watch, you’ve been missing out BIG time. I am continuously in awe of the amazing talent these young dancers bring to the stage each week and I never watch an episode without leaving utterly inspired. Not to mention how incredible it is to see people around the world beginning to truly appreciate and respect the athleticism and  skill dance requires.

Season 7 of SYTYCD came to a close this past Thursday with Lauren Froderman being crowned America’s newest favorite dancer. As I admitted before, I was a bit surprised to see her win after Kent Boyd (runner-up) had been deemed the golden boy from day one, and yet she totally deserves it. She held her own as the only girl for weeks and killed each and every routine thrown her way—she’s ridiculously talented.

I could go on and on about the show and how wonderful I think it is, but visual proof is far more convincing than my words. As difficult as it was, I’ve chosen my top 5 routines of the season to share—I wish I could have been a little more diverse in my selections but it seems the contemporary routines stole my heart this season (as they always do).

So, are you ready to (watch) dance?

#5 Geeze, I could have had a six-way tie on this one, but in an attempt to be somewhat objective I have chosen Billy Bell‘s contemporary routine w. Ade (all star). Choreographed by Stacey Tookey, this routine allows two very different worlds to collide and create something truly beautiful.

#4 This is perhaps the most exquisitely danced routine of the entire season and it happened way back on week one. Choreographed by the zany yet brilliant Sonya Tayeh, there is no denying that Alex Wong is one of this generation’s most extraordinary dancers. And as always, Allison (all star) is breathtaking.

#3 Mr. Wong gets to make one more appearance in the top 5 w. this hip hop routine choreographed by Tabitha & Napoleon. As a classically trained ballet dancer, I don’t think any one, not even Alex himself, was quite prepared for the amazingness of this routine. Sadly, Alex tore his ACL the next week and left the competition…had he not gotten hurt, he may very well have won the whole shebang.

#2 Ladies & gentlemen, I give you Kent Boyd aka “Golden Boy.” The favorite of young girls across the country, Kent had an expressive face that was hard to mask much to the dismay of the judges.  In my opinion, this routine choreographed by Travis Wall was Kent’s strongest performance because it forced him to dance from deep within him and for once, lose his happy-go-lucky personality. The end result = gorgeous, gorgeous piece. [Note: I must also admit that I might have a HUGE crush on Kent’s all star partner Neil…just sayin’ (; ]

drumroll, please!

#1 Who knows how many times I have watched and re-watched this routine. Robert Roldan was my favorite dancer this season & this contemporary routine w. Allison sealed his place as one of my favorite dancers EVER. He dances with his whole heart and this routine choreographed by Travis Wall won mine. The highlight of the season for me, it gives me chills everytime.

Gracious, there are still SO many routines I could have chosen— don’t be surprised if  more of my favorites pop up in future posts! And I’m curious, if you’re a fan of SYTYCD what were some of your favorite routines of the season?

my heart is so full now…thank you for letting me share one of my greatest passions!

always dancing, M.

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