everything in its right place.

i can be a bit obsessive about organization…especially if i’m stressed. bringing order to other things brings order to my mind—makes sense, right?

i also just love for things to be in their right place (:

below are some recent finds that hit the “organized” nail on the head!

this edgy steel cabinet was the inspiration for this post—it’s all at once not me and very me.

spray paint perfection.

LOVE mason jars. This DIY project transforms clear jars into the old fashioned aqua versions of years gone by.

one sophisticated little lady sleeps here! the room as a whole is fabulous, but it’s the warm wooden cabinet w. holes for stuffed animals that really grabbed my attention!

though their practicality could be called into question, there’s no denying these hangers would make even the most basic t-shirts look cute!

and finally, a classy closet.  clean white cabinets, tidy rows of shoes and a super comfy chaise lounge COMPLETE with drawers for extra storage.

just enough pink.

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