Tuesday Tunes: The Civil Wars.

You should know I’m currently a little bummed…well, make that a lot bummed. The Civil Wars are going to be in Charlotte TONIGHT but I can’t make it home in time to make it to the show.

Heart. Break. I’ll be spending my day contemplating how I’ll survive…

And yet the day is far too short for me to waste it away on self-pity & melodramatics so let’s get on to the good stuff!

The Civil Wars is the duo venture of Joy Williams & John Paul White, both of whom had successful solo careers before joining forces in 2008 to form TCW. And oh baby, they couldn’t make a more perfect musical match.

Their first full length album is making its way to the public this fall (yippeeee!), but in the mean time their debut EP has been a roaring success. [I’m also quite smitten with the EP’s cover…love the  antique “frames” & profile silhouettes]

Quite possibly one of the most gorgeous songs to come along in years, Poison & Wine has logged the “most times played”  out of my entire iTunes library. You’ll soon understand why…

You’re my favorite song…always on the Tip of My Tongue.” Joy’s voice is unmatched & I adore the very unique style the two have carved out for themselves…plus, don’t they just seem like stellar individuals?

AND they’re not afraid to tackle Michael Jackson, automatically elevating them to rock star status. (:

they’re a favorite of mine for rainy days & road trips…soothing & soulful.

timeless music at its very best!

enjoy. enjoy. enjoy. ~M

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