the last hour.

If my momma said this phrase once today she said it 10 times. Tomorrow marks the start of a new school year for staff & my mom has been put in charge of planning a BIG welcome back lunch—thankfully yours truly here has been around a party or two and was happy to help (i’ve worked for a caterer for 7.5 years so I’ve seen more than my fair share of shindigs!).

The last hour before tomorrow’s big hoorah was more like 9 hrs—that’s how much time I spent today at my old elementary school trying my darndest to transform the cafeteria into a “posh” lunch club. While it’s still very much a school cafeteria, I must say my efforts weren’t a complete waste. Arranging & covering tables, putting out 65+ place settings, folding napkins & organizing centerpieces was a lot to take on, but after the weird mood I’ve been in for the last few days, taking control of something all by myself was exactly what I needed!

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I also got to play with about 20 lbs of candy while creating a gorgeous candy buffet—SO FUN!

might just have to post some pictures tomorrow of all the details (:

needless to say it’s been a long day & i don’t have much else to say (a rare occurrence indeed) before closing up shop for the night… instead I’ll leave you with some happiness that carried me through the day!

praise awaits You: i cranked up the stereo & sang my heart out while working today…so therapeutic. a few songs from the playlist & one for immediate play:

Twitter love: two magnificent photos floating through Twitterverse today…

stunning shadows from Dianna Agron (Quinn on Glee).

magnificent landscape from musician Mat Kearney.

and one last photo from one of my favorite blogs—such a lovely thought.

"I like getting my boots dirty. It makes me feel excited for future adventures with friends and people I haven’t even met yet."

now it’s movie time w. pops over bowls of Cocoa Crispies.

joys, M.

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