birthday lovin’: my darling Abby T.

On this most magnificent day 23 years ago my darling Abby T. was born; everyone else knows her simply as Ellen but to me she will always be Abby T.

Abby T. was the nickname given to Ellen by a cutie named Gustavo during a spring break trip to Belize our junior year. “G” was only 9 years old and one of the sweetest kids I’ve ever met—he gave me a nickname too: Maddiegascar. Gustavo’s nicknames have stuck with us for over a year and a half now and I have a funny feeling we’ll be calling each other Abby T. & Maddiegascar for many years to come (:

"G" had us from hello...

Gustavo may have given us the names Abby T. & Maddiegascar, but it is Ellen & I who have made “them” our very own—you could call them our alter egos…sort of. We’re goofy. We laugh A LOT. We stare awkwardly at each other in class. We attempt to learn dance moves from YouTube tutorials. We love sushi. We’re both obsessed with frozen “treats”—Coke Icees & IceDreams. But most of all, we’re friends in the truest sense. How blessed I am to call Ellen friend.

E, thank you for your constant encouragement, for living a life full of compassion, for faithfully serving your Father & for never failing to put a smile on my face. Goodness, how I love thee!

Happy Birthday, Abby T.—love always, Maddiegascar.

one of my favorite "moments" of all time: we are Abby T. & Maddiegascar.

One response to “birthday lovin’: my darling Abby T.

  1. Maddiegascar,
    I am absolutley loving your blog. Showed it to the kids yesterday and they were both amazed to see your face on the screen with your writing alongside. What a beautiful thought today… God ordained friendships are one of the greatest blessings of all. My Happy Birthday to Abby T… you are blessed to know our Madison… have a wonderful,beautiful day!

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