girl. time.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, my best friend Chelsea is getting married. For those of you who’ve heard the news time & time again, please forgive my repetition!

A group of lovely ladies gathered tonight to shower Chels w. gifts and have some quality girl time—code for: eat Mediterranean deliciousness, ooh & ahh over gifts & talk for hours. And I do mean hours (;

Ironically enough, Chels & our friend Erin leave exactly a month from today to be gone for 6 months—for now I’m choosing to remain in denial about how quickly that day is coming and focus instead on all the fun stuff we’ve got planned for the coming few weeks!

Tonight’s bridal bonanza was the perfect kick-off!

oh hey, bride-to-be.

a sophisticated spread.

mason jar love.

let them eat cake.

While everyone else lusted after the double chocolate cake I developed quite the crush on the cute cookies below. A friend of Chelsea’s mom hand decorated them & they were kinda precious!

cookies are my jam.

my favorite (:

Of course no party is complete without gifts! On at least three separate occasions in the last few months Chelsea & I have been together when we’ve spotted these amazing Le Creuset (lay-crew-say) tea kettles of which I am currently eyeing in pink or yellow. Chels & James are both big tea drinkers so when I saw that they had registered for the kettle I couldn’t resist getting it for them. And if I’m being completely honest, I also know it will be a permanent fixture on their stove top & whenever they look at it they can think of me…a bit selfish, yep.

i heart wrapping presents.

And then there are the wonderful guests who glue everything together!

bible study gals.

bridesmaid. matron of honor. bridesmaid.

sisterly love.

If tonight was any indication, this wedding is going to be an absolute blast. Eeeek, I get a smidge excited just thinking about it!

smiling, M.

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