Feel-good Friday: goodbye August.

August can not be drawing to a close…gracious, where exactly IS time going?

Out of the summer months, August has by far been the quickest for me. And although it has been an incredible summer, I must be honest & admit I am SO READY FOR FALL—it’s my favorite season & I love it more with each new year! But before we bid adieu to August 2010, let’s have another weekend full of “summer” things—here’s this week’s batch of feel-goods to get you started (:

let’s play dress-up: how unbelievably cute is this? so many of the kiddos I babysit for love to play dress-up & this is just the perfect storage for all of that FUN. One of the 30 project’s from Red Velvet Art’s newest online “Small Craft” class!

you know the old adage: diamonds are a girl’s best friend! so completely adore this dress by designer Lauren Moffatt.

Diamonds on Dean.

comeback kid: is it true? is wallpaper vying for reemergence? if designs as lovely as this continue to pop up, I do believe the art of covering walls w. paper will make a successful return—after all, it’s all about the “cycle.”

mosaic-like print is perfect for a small bathroom.

night lights: I have no idea how these skate park photos were taken–my knowledge of the intricacies of photography is severely limited–but they are ridiculously cool.

cottage + Australia: I think it’s pretty safe to assume I will never own a cottage in Australia (though there always exists some slim chance) so I am therefore able to love the following cottage tour from a realistic standpoint—all we’re missing now are a few shrimp on the barbie (;

i'm starting to detect an unhealthy love of doors.

98% of the cottage is white, so this gorgeous trunk fills the other 2% perfectly.

the strawberry deliciousness is impressive, but it's the tiniest glimpse of the rustic pink chair that I love most.

“You Will Find Me” by Andrew Ripp (w. Ben Rector & Steve Moakler): This song literally makes me ache with joy & gratitude—I’ve listened to it at least 30 times in the last 2 days & will listen to it many more times in the days to come.

funny side note: Mr. Rector spotted my Tuesday Tunes post from earlier this week & passed a long a few words of appreciation via Twitter…he also said “I can’t believe I told you to stay sick.” Apology  accepted.

the last breaths of summer: how wonderfully fitting is this print? Not only is it appropriate for these last days of summer, but it’s also a much needed reminder to seek beauty each and every day.

yay! now I’m off to spend some quality “twin” time w. the brother on this gorgeous day—happy weekend to YOU!

2 responses to “Feel-good Friday: goodbye August.

  1. I love your blog. You are pretty amazing ( but I’m just a little prejudice)

    pops 🙂

  2. Just stumbled across your blog…love it!

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