fashion recap: primetime Emmys.

I watch awards shows for the dresses…that’s the honest truth. And seeing as that last night’s Emmys consisted of 85% HBO shows of which I have never heard of, the fashion was really all that could grab my attention.

This year it’s a pretty short list as not too many ladies impressed…but for those who did, they did so in a major way!

Golden gals: Nina Dobrev & Claire Danes were stunning in peachy golds. And though I’m normally not a fan of super shiny, I oddly loved both of their very shiny dresses.

Nina Dobrev (left) & Claire Danes (right)

woMAN in black: I read somewhere that it’s not easy to impress in black when walking a red-carpet…false. Kelly Osbourne had one of my favorite looks in head-to-toe black and she’s never looked better.

Kelly Osbourne.

Navy Navy: the most popular color walking last night’s red carpet—Lea Michele & Jayma Mays (two of my favorite GLEE ladies) wore it best. I do believe Ms. Mays would win my “best dressed” of the evening!

the skirt is a little poofy...but Lea is always gorgeous.

she's quite simply stunning.

happy Monday to you & yours—another post will come later today, so check back soon!

One response to “fashion recap: primetime Emmys.

  1. Great picks! You’re the first I agree with all day.

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