Tuesday Tunes: The Temper Trap.

Hailing from the land down under (that would be Australia), the quartet of fellas who comprise The Temper Trap have been getting a lot of play time recently during my numerous road trips back and forth to Durham…an open-road favorite.

The Temper Trap released their debut album almost a year ago and have been growing their international fan-base ever since. Their most popular song “Sweet Disposition” was my first introduction to the band, and while I discovered it via a T.V. show, many might recognize it as one of the title tracks from the movie 500 Days of Summer (a must-see!).

I’ve become quite the fan of the mix of techno & rock, hard-core anthems & slower jams, and the ever-changing “feel” of each song. I’ll admit this may not be a genre of music many of you listen to , but give the guys a shot and listen to a few of their songs—you might surprise yourself and really like them!

To assist you in stepping out of your musical box, here are a few of my faves:

Sweet Disposition–this music video is a little odd so I suggest closing your eyes and really listening. No joke, close your eyes. The intro’s rhythm gets me every time & the bridge around the 2:30 mark is splendid!

Fools— “sometimes things we build to fall” — just a few of the quirky lyrics for your own personal interpretation. However, there is no disputing the fact that lead singer Dougy Mandagi has a crazy unique voice.

Down River–LOVE this song & rock out to it every time it comes on. Seriously.

how’s life outside the box? discover your inner rocker? love it? or maybe you hated it?

to each his/her own. for the love of music, M.

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