a fashionable fall: part 1.

i love to look at clothes. i love to look at shoes. i love to look at bags.

and so on & so forth. but while i love to look, I honestly don’t buy very often. [and when I do, the item is on sale 80% of the time!]

however, I still love to look…and because Fall is my favorite season, I’ve enjoyed looking even more as of late.

and as always, there are definite trends in the fashion forecast—one of my favorites this season = long parkas & military-esque jackets.

GAP does it up with black leggings and heels.

Marc Jacobs does English school girl w. plaid & loafers.

J.Crew edges up a "prim & proper" cardigan & skinny belt.

And Urban Outfitters does its distinct style w. a vintage skirt & slouchy tee.

i picked up a military-esque jacket from Gap last year on SUPER sale (yay!) and can not wait for cooler weather’s excuse to wear it (:

what’s your favorite clothing item for fall?

joys to you, M.

One response to “a fashionable fall: part 1.

  1. I love the GAP ad, I’m surprised it’s even GAP!

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