september splendor.

and so begins the 9th month of the year—I’m still not totally convinced the 8th month even happened. August came and went before I could even get used to writing 08 for the date and now it’s already time to move on to 09.

I’ve oddly always liked the month of September for no apparent reason. It’s one of the few months without a major “holiday” in it & I’ve always found it to be a good month to simply breathe. And if I’m being honest, after the crazy pace of the last few months, I could use a few good, deep breaths right about now.

While looking at my calendar recently, I discovered I have quite a bit to look forward to in the coming month…I hope my September calendar will inspire you to take a second look at yours and discover all that you have to look forward to as well. [And if the ninth month is looking a little drab, perhaps you will be inspired to schedule some fun for the weeks ahead!]

new TUNES (every Tuesday of the month) from Sara Bareilles to T.I. to Zac Brown Band…there’s an album dropping every week that my ears eagerly anticipate (:

Asheville & Nashville (Sept. 8-13th) Chels & I are venturing out on one final road trip before she leaves the country in just a few short weeks. Stop #1 is Asheville to see NEEDTOBREATHE (eeeeek!) and spend time with my dear friend (and old roommate) Nikki in her hometown. Then onward to Nashville…again. Chels & I visited for the first time over the July 4th weekend and had a ball exploring—we return two months later to do more of the same. Chelsea’s fiance James is also in the city this month doing a rotation at Vanderbilt Medical Center & I have no doubt he’ll provide ample entertainment. I also hope to make it by the Mocha Club offices, fingers crossed!

Loveless Cafe = heavenly heart attack on a plate.

Hello, Fall (Sept. 21st) My favorite season is just around the corner…

love me some leaves.

GLEE. GLEE. GLEE. (Sept. 21st) They’re baaaaaack. The kids of William McKinley High School’s one and only glee club are making their return and I. Can. Not. Wait. —for the mash-ups, the brilliant one-liners, and Sue’s never-ending supply of colorful track suits. We’ve discussed my love of the show on several previous occasions so I will refrain from doing so yet again…instead, just a couple reminders of why I am a self professed gleek.

where it all began…

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (Sept. 24th) It’s pretty common for the movie market to experience a slump between the summer blockbusters and holiday grand-slams (the latest installment of Harry Potter around Thanksgiving is a definite tradition in my family!), but I for one am excited about September movies, especially Wall Street “2.” I have been looking forward to this movie since first seeing the preview way back in April. Michael Douglas & Shia LaBeouf make for quite the pair, and Carey Mulligan is quickly becoming one of my favorite actresses!

and maybe, just maybe…a flight West to visit my Ceej (Carly) in San Fran? This one’s not permanently on the calendar, but I will explode with joy if we can actually make it work!

Golden Gate Bridge via my San Fran transplant!

Welcome, September! You are shaping up to be quite splendid & I look forward to each day you give me (:

what’s on your calendar?  ~M.

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