Feel-good Friday: an extra long weekend.

Labor Day means a three-day weekend, yippee!

and while that alone already makes this weekend a great one, it can’t hurt to add an extra dose of feel-good to make it even better! are you ready?

Fighting Gravity: mom clued me in to this group of Virginia boys and I must admit to being seriously impressed. Usually college boys + black lights only add up to a dingy frat party, but not for these guys. Way to make frat guys look good, gentlemen!

Dalton Ghetti: I love a good ‘ol #2 pencil…even through college I preferred the classic yellow pencil & a pocket pencil sharpener over more “contemporary” options. Artist and sculptor Dalton Ghetti loves pencils too–well, to be more exact, pencil lead. So. Ridiculously. Cool.

you can write your ABC's, but can you carve them?

Zooey & Joseph: in this week’s Tuesday Tunes with The Temper Trap I mentioned a film, 500 Days of Summer.  Zooey Deschanel  & Joseph  Gordon-Levit play Summer & Tom, the endearing leads of the film—I’m a huge fan of both. In the spirit of 500 Days, Zooey & Joseph teamed up again for a music video to Why Do You Let Me Stay Here by the duo She & Him (Zooey is the “She” in this lovely duo!). I adore this video for far too many reasons to list…

Cupcakes in a Jar: red velvet cupcakes and cream cheese icing…in a jar? You read right, in a jar. These would make for some pretty darn cute (& delicious) party favors! Grab some jars & head over to Cakies for the full article & recipe.

The Exquisite Book: this book makes me very happy & don’t even own it…yet. 10 groups of 10 artists (that makes 100 all together, wink) collaborated to give us something truly extraordinary. The Exquisite Book is a journey through pictures, literally. An element from each page is carried into the next, connecting all 100+ pages together. Confused? See for yourself & smile (:

T. Sweezy: you might also know her as Taylor Swift. She makes dreams come true (even if it means wearing heels for 14.5 hours) and I adore her for it. Miss Swift, you’re one of a kind. (i needed tissues at the 2:30 mark)

it just so happens Taylor also has a new single, Mine, that’s pretty great:

wishing you a truly wonderful 3 DAY weekend!  abundant joy, M.

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