The Blind Project: Open Your Eyes.

At this very moment there are millions of women and children around the world enslaved in the global sex-trade—the world’s second largest “industry” at over $9 billion dollars annually.

This makes me physically sick.

What’s even worse…we as a society have the power to stop it, to end slavery & save lives, but simply sit idle and refuse to be bothered. We turn a blind eye.

but not The Blind Project. A collective of individuals, all volunteers and no paid staff, have banded together to abolish the commercial sex-trade in Southeast Asia.

The sex-trade is growing daily. I know it’s easy to read a single sentence and let it’s impact pass you by, but please don’t let this be a blanket statement.

break it down: slavery, rape, abuse, poverty, pain, suffering, desperation are increasing every day.

it’s scary and overwhelming, yes, but knowledge is power.

I first heard about this organization after reading an article about AnnaLynne McCord, a Georgia native now starring on the television show 90210, who works diligently alongside The Blind Project. She may be a “celebrity,” but there are few individuals in Hollywood, especially young celebs, who are dedicated to using their status to empower others. She’s a true inspiration.

just as AnnaLynne said, The Blind Project wants you to open your eyes.

The global sex-trade is not an issue that happens half way around the world, it also happens in this very country. Slavery is not a thing of the past, it’s happening as you read this and that’s unacceptable.

I dare you to become aware—I dare you to open your eyes. A documentary called Call + Response opened mine like nothing before, perhaps you’ll take some time to check it out for yourself.

through eyes wide open, M.

2 responses to “The Blind Project: Open Your Eyes.

  1. Thanks Madison for giving others a chance to make a choice what they will do with this subject. I’m sure you won’t mind if I share these thoughts and videos on my site. You are making a difference… keep opening people’s eyes. Aunt Robin

  2. Human trafficking is the most evil of all evils. It absolutely grieves me and makes me physically sick. It makes me cry and it makes me very angry. What can I do to make a difference? All that I know how to do is pray and donate money. I have seen Lisa bevere and other people speak out about this. Something lawfully needs to be done to stop this sick evil. How is is that a country can get away with allowing this in their own country? I just don’t understand!

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