Tuesday Tunes: Matthew Mayfield.

it’s music time—is there any better time?

on deck this week is Matthew Mayfield. i honestly don’t remember when i first heard MM, it seems he’s been with me for years and i like the way he feels like a familiar friend. music has a funny way of doing that.

if i were asked to describe Mr. Mayfield’s voice, two words immediately come to mind: gritty & raw. now perhaps these aren’t words most musicians would like used to describe their voice, but in my humble opinion they are two of the best. when a voice like Mayfields’ is gritty & raw, it cuts straight to the core…there’s no denying its power.

and tomorrow night i’ll get to experience Mayfield’s voice up close & personal as he is opening up for NEEDTOBREATHE…ahhh yes, two of my favorites in one night. dear Time, please slow down for just a few hours so Chels & I  can soak up every ounce of musical goodness.

clearly, i’m quite excited & will most definitely share details post-concert!

but for now, the music is what’s most important, so without further adieu: i give you gritty, i give you raw, i give you Matthew Mayfield. enjoy!

Open Road: my favorite song. and oh boy, the strings in the opening of this song give me chills every. time. The video is a little “graphic” but so, so beautiful.

Can’t Change My Mind: forgive me for being cheesy, but the bass throughout this song is like blood pumping through your veins. and while i’ve already crossed into cheeseville, i must also admit i’m a bit smitten with the light bulb lights in the studio—love.

First In Line: my apologies for the lame video, but it is the song and not the video that is important here. this was the first song of MM’s i heard, so of course it’s a keeper.

Mr. Mayfield, we’ll be seeing & hearing you soon!

happy Tuesday to you, M.

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