between white lines.

it’s 1:00 AM & i need to be up and on the road in 7 hrs. yuck.

i am currently wide awake, but unfortunately this will not be the case at 8 AM. [don’t worry mom & dad, i’ll drive extra extra safe.]

ahhh, but the next few days in Asheville & Nashville promise to be filled with good times, great people & enough laughter to give me permanent side cramps. who needs sleep? bring on the joy & the open road!!

before heading west, here’s a a bit of “beauty” for your Wednesday—two different people shared this music video by Arcade Fire and I find it to be oddly peaceful, even beautiful…especially the first two minutes (:

a bit of a free spirit myself, I love the gypsy-like costumes, open fields & golden sunlight.

and just for fun…if I were a gypsy, my wagon would be covered in lights & lanterns like this one

and i would wear feathers in my hair, of course.

and i would always point my tent west so as never to miss a sunset

random tangent: i also can’t help but think about the lost boys from the movie Hook with their smudged faces & raggedy outfits. 

here’s to a marvelous Wednesday! happiness from the road, M.

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