birthday lovin’: sweet rooms.

i am a rather stranger sleeper & every day i wake up in some bizarre position—diagonal, sideways, head at the foot of the bed, spread eagle…you name it. and apparently i also glare at people  & can be quite rude too. oops.

i didn’t know just how weird of a sleeper i was until i shared a room w. Ashley senior year of college & she was able to fill me in on my slumbering quirks. it became a bit of a joke each morning to see “how is Maddie sleeping today?”

and oh how i have missed waking up each morning to find Ash across the room—let me tell you, there’s no better way to start your day.

i miss her even more today because IT’S HER BIRTHDAY and i couldn’t give her the first birthday hug of the day — serious bummer.

"hugging" on graduation day.

honestly though, i miss my “rooms” everyday. she’s one of the few people who will return my sarcasm with a wisecrack of her own, she’s the first to apologize if ever there is a misunderstanding, she can plan an event/trip like no other, and she always wears socks when walking on non-carpeted floors–the fluffier the better.

she also has one of the biggest hearts one could ever hope to find and always lets you know you’re loved. she’s one of my favorite people in all the world and ours is a permanent friendship. yes, i’m blessed.

i hope you know just how much you are loved today, sweet rooms, & that you will forever have a place in my heart with your name on it. thank you for being one of this life’s greatest treasures just by simply being the amazing woman God created you to be.

happy birthday. happy birthday. happy birthday.

love more than words, rooms.


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