22 hours: Asheville.

I’ve discovered in the last few days that I am extremely attached to my computer/the Internet. Too attached, if I’m honest with myself.

Chelsea and I have been on the road since early Wednesday morning and this afternoon was the first time I was able to open my lap top — I could feel withdrawal beginning to set in. Looks like I just found something I need to work on (:

A post will come later recapping our time here in Nashville, but some love from Asheville must first be shared! Chels and I arrived in the early afternoon on Wednesday and spent several hours  wondering around the city as neither of us had been in several years. It’s a delightfully eclectic city, and with a comfy mountain temperature of 76, it was a perfect day for wandering aimlessly.

everything but the kitchen sink outside of a local restaurant.

Chels & I shared a cinnamon muffin over cups of tea --- bliss.

We also happened across a vacant retail space that would be perfect for our dream store/cafe. Two-story high ceilings, exposed brick + white wainscoting and giant windows…it was a BEAUTY. We allowed ourselves to drool over it and dream up a few ideas — so fun, so refreshing.

Kelly arrived around dinner time & our trio was FINALLY reunited for the first time in weeks. I love that these two amazing women are always willing & ready to jump in a car and hit the road for the sake of music!

Then it was NEEDTOBREATHE time and you know how much i love these guys. i’ve seen them perform 4 times in the last year so i’m at the point where i know how each and every song is broken down & that a few “classics” from Journey make their way into the set. And yet, i still can’t get enough. Now before you go and call me a groupie, please know i’ve never asked for a picture or autograph as i refuse to ever be the creepy fan…i just love seeing the guys live, plain & simple.

we unintentionally matched by all wearing boots. oops.

get it, Bear.

A friend of Kelly’s works for the band so we hung around for a while after the show chatting with her and two of the guys, Seth & Bear. Hilarious is the first word that springs to mind. How i love nights like these.

My old roommate and dear friend Nikki lives in Asheville and kindly opened up her home for us Wednesday night—Niks, you are amazing! Before hitting the road Thursday we caught up over breakfast at the famous Tupelo Honey Cafe. Good food & cool morning breeze = perfection. I’m already anxious for a return trip—the mountain leaves will be changing soon!

loved the THC's very southern logo.

cinnamon-sugar french toast w. warm blueberries---yes, please!

With happy tummies, we continued our journey west towards Nashville and are now well on our way to having a fantastic weekend!

Chels & I popped by the Mocha Club offices (such a treat!) earlier today & had crepes for lunch before holing up in a coffee shop on this rainy afternoon.

We’ll see what other goodness we can round up (: but in case it’s a while before I make it back to a computer, let me wish you a wonderful weekend now — we’ll chat again soon!

joys galore, M.

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