Tuesday Tunes: Brendan James.

This week looked as if it might be a toss-up between a host of different musicians for the Tuesday Tunes spot…and then along came Brendan James and all bets went out the window.

Mr. James’ self-titled album (his second) dropped last Tuesday and has been on near-constant repeat for the last week. [I’ve been on the road a combined 20 hrs in the last 5 days…I’ll let you figure out just how many times an album can be played (;]

To attempt to describe Brendan’s voice would be a futile effort on my part, it is uniquely and wonderfully his. All at once warm & soothing, sometimes even a bit haunting (in only the best possible way), but above all it is timeless…he’s here for the long-haul.

And his talent doesn’t stop at his voice, not even close. Give him a set of 88 keys (that would be a standard piano) and he’ll leave you speechless, or listen to his lyrics and he’ll leave you in awe of their brilliance. He’s quite a force to be reckoned with.

Um, did I forget to mention that he’s also a fellow Tar Heel — love my Carolina.

Jon (the brother) and I had the honor of seeing Brendan perform live back in May at Joe’s Pub in NYC where he previewed several songs from the new album… I must say the 3-month wait for the album’s release was well worth it.

Joe's Pub is pretty stellar.

I think it’s time I shut up now and let Mr. James do the rest, but before I do I must extend one final piece of advice: go ahead and boot-up iTunes, you’ll be making a purchase.          happy listening, M.

The Lucky Ones: with our hearts in our hands, like loaded guns…we’re taking our chance, we’re the lucky ones. Love. this. song.

The Fall: first single from the new album…

Early April Morning: my favorite from Brendan’s first album The Day Is Brave

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