road trip: Music City.

although i’ve  been home for two days, it seems i’m just now finding an adequate gap of time to reflect back on a crazy, wonderful 4 days in Nashville.

i did snag a bit of time last Friday to blog from Fido’s coffee shop where Chels & I camped out on our rainy afternoon, but the remainder of our weekend has yet to be recorded (:

Saturday was deemed “Nashville” day by James and boy did it live up to that name as we gallivanted across the city all day! We started our day off with a trip to the Frist, the visual arts center that now resides in the humongous old post-office building, with our wonderful hostess Susan. Saturday was the last day of the “Golden Age of Couture” exhibit and I can not tell you how thankful I am to have caught this exhibit on its last day. Rooms full of vintage couture womens clothing from the 1940s and 50s…ah yes, I was in heaven.

storm clouds over the Frist.

gorgeous red "evening ensemble" by Christian Dior, 1954-55.

"Lily of the Valley" evening dress by Hubert de Givenchy, 1955.

my favorite (: "Evening Dress" by Victor Stiebel, 1955.

There was also another incredible exhibit we spent time exploring but it will need a post of its own…guess you’ll just have to wait & see what that’s all about!

From the Frist we hopped over to Centennial Park for some live music courtesy of Musicians Corner. Though we originally thought the afternoon concerts had been canceled due to rain, we were thrilled to discover they had only been delayed. We spent the next two hours spread out on the grass sipping homemade mint lemonade, listening to tunes & people watching. ’twas glorious.

Chels & James wandering around the Parthenon in search of music.

we also discovered the largest dog i've ever seen...his name was Bear. appropriate, aye?

From Centennial we headed across the street for the Vanderbuilt vs. LSU game. James was born & raised in Louisiana & thus is a bit obsessed w. LSU football — and because he so generously bought tickets for us gals, we decided we could watch a little pig-skin for his sake.

a gorgeous evening for some football.

By the time Sunday rolled around, I decided I was tired of third-wheeling it and that C & J needed some quality time together. After church w. Jeanne & Alan (our bosses who coincidentally were also in Nashville for the weekend!) I quite literally made them drop me off at a coffee shop so they could have some time together. I know, I’m a pretty fantastic friend (she says w. complete sarcasm).

After some productive “me, myself & I” time, I met up again with the lovebirds at a local park where we hung out for a while before meeting James’ friend Brad & his pal Will for dinner at a nearby restaurant — we walked to and from dinner and i swear if the temperature could forever be like it was that night, I would be a happy camper. I’m pretty positive we disturbed at least half of the restaurant with all the laughing that took place at our table — yours truly had laughing-tears streaming down her face multiple times. Gosh, that was a good, good night.

Unidentified species: James discovered gigantic seed pods that smelled horribly.

historic house + golden hour.

yep, i'm pretty fond of these two...

all too quickly it was Monday morning and time for Chels & I to head back to Carolina. After an incredible few days in Music City, I must admit I wasn’t quite ready to leave. Maybe this means I’ll have to find an excuse to make a trip back to the Nash very soon (:

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