fall countdown: #4.

there’s a city, perhaps you’ve heard of it, called Chapel Hill. for those of us who have called it home, there’s no place quite like our “little piece of heaven.”

although i’ve been close to CH throughout the last several months, i’ve managed to avoid passing through the city as much as possible. something about being near my Carolina so soon after graduation made my heart ache a bit and intentionally separating myself was a wise decision.

but one can only stay away for so long (: and in just a few short weeks Tar Heels from across the country will flood into Chapel Hill for Homecoming weekend—and you know what this means, REUNION!!! the girls & i even booked ourselves a room at the Carolina Inn so we could all be together again under the same roof (:

I heart fall & I heart Chapel Hill, put the two together & you’ve got my perfect place. Add in the fact that nearly all of my favorite people will once again be in the same ZIP code and there’s no place i’d rather be!!

ahhhh, it promises to be an EPIC weekend full of good times & more Carolina blue than one can stand — well, that is unless you’re a Tar Heel, then there’s no such thing as too much Carolina blue! Can. Not. Wait.

"Little House" is moving into the Carolina Inn (:

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