Feel-good Friday: welcome back.

I can not tell you how much I missed this post last week! While I am beyond grateful for the amazing time spent in Nashville, I sure did miss searching out a new batch of creative, fun “things.” I am daily inspired by so many things & hope you get just as much out of these Friday posts as I do!

so without further delay, let the feel-goods flow (:

Thief & Bandit: made from braided, hand-printed fabric, this necklace & headband are simple yet so chic. Check out more designs here.

fake glasses + cutie-pie: this little guy just made me smile.

The Beat a la NYC: a video created by tourists after a trip to the Big Apple…pretty awesome if you ask me! [note: i tried without success to embed the video directly to the page, so please take a second to click the link & watch for yourself]

i felt the beat during a trip to the city in May.

Hand-written Letters: I personally dropped 6 hand-written notes in the mail today, so it’s only fitting that I came across this proposal for a redesign of the U.S. Postal Service. Designer Matt Chase believes this nostalgic look would remind people of the good ‘ol days before e-mail & text messages. I’m a fan. Vintage Rentals: thanks to my dear friend Meredith who so kindly passed along a link to this blog, I now have the itch to buy up every piece of vintage/antique goodness I come across & start my own business! The couple behind Found have a storehouse of gorgeous vintage goods for people to rent out for weddings, photo-shoots, cocktail events, etc. (Care to explore the entire collection? (I already have!) click here.)

those blue shutters are calling my name...

a "flour bin" table --- stunning.

Dance, Dance: we’ve established that I love dance, yes? I took a few minutes to go back through some of my favorite performances from So You Think You Can Dance. I have A LOT saved, but I’ll only subject you to two of them today (:

Season 4- Chelsie & Mark “Beautiful”

Season 5- Kayla & Kupono “Addiction” (the dance starts around 1:17)

happy Friday, y’all!  joys, M.

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