fall countdown: #2

one of the many perks of living in North Carolina in the fall is easy access to mountain apples — goodness. gracious. they are amazing.

#2 Mountain Apples: the last several years friends of the family have brought us a whole bushel of apples back from their annual trip to the mountains…so many in fact that we enjoy them for weeks after. and i do believe my dad & i each eat about 4 apples everyday, that’s how good they are.

and while these little gems are delicious eaten by themselves, they also make for some pretty delectable fallish treats. Chelsea once made an Apple Cranberry Crisp that I still dream about & this Apple Cake recipe sounds perfectly divine (not to mention it makes for a gorgeous cake!).

doesn't get much for fall than this, folks.

although bananas are my favorite fruit…this time of year it’s all about the apples. have you had your “apple a day” today?

“Surely the apple is the noblest of fruits.”– Henry David Thoreau. you don’t say?

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