welcome FALL.

break out your scarves & jackets, pull out your favorite mug & snack on a few mountain apples because FALL has officially begun — now if only we could get some cooler temperatures to blow in, then we’d really be in business! fingers crossed for fall-like weather in the very near future!

as for our fall countdown…drum roll, please…the #1 fabulous fall item IS

LEAVES, LEAVES, LEAVES. goodness, i feel sorry for people who don’t live in an area with deciduous trees (hello, scientific terminology!). Here in Carolina around this time of year, our deciduous trees start prepping to lose their leaves for winter by first exploding with spectacular colors. It is my absolute favorite thing about God’s creation. So it  won’t truly feel like fall for me until I start seeing some colors on these trees —- ahh, soon enough, soon enough. In the mean time, the mere anticipation will tide me over!

Carolina road in the fall --- love.

What’s your favorite thing about this glorious time of year?!?!

waiting on the leaves, M.

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