Feel-good Friday: farewell September.

yup, it’s the last Friday of September. crazy, right?

yesterday i made my “unofficial” move back to Durham for the remainder of the year, & while i’m extremely excited for the opportunities ahead, i must admit i’ve also been in a weird mood the last two days leading up to the move (hence why the blog hasn’t seen much action). it seems i have a love of being on the move but also a fear of change…lovely combo, aye? thankfully the next few days are jam-packed and i’ll be out of this funk in no time!

when i feel stressed i make lists to compensate --- this includes writing out exact outfits for the week ahead.

in the meantime, this week’s feel-goods are doing their job…now if only i had the room to give you all of them (:

Divine Design: i’ll go ahead and get this week’s design obsessions out of the way. LOVE this purple chandelier & tree-branch coat rack. love a lot.

Mark Your Calendar: i am a loyal user of Google Calendar because of it’s convenience & my frequent (somewhat obsessive) use of Gmail. BUT, this super cute calendar from Paper Source has me wanting to do a little more “penciling in” the old-fashioned way.

Precious Plaid: this fantastic pocketbook has a back story that i hope to share soon, but for now, i find it and the photo itself to both be perfect.

Fireflies: amateur photographer Kristian Cvecek used a long shutter speed to capture the flight of fireflies’ whose paths become neon streaks in this digital image. it’s pretty magical if you ask me.

Ubuntu (humanity to others): my darling friend Kelly shared this video with me this week. involving both art & Africa, two of my loves, i watched the entire 4 minutes with a huge grin across my face. who knew tissue-paper could be this beautiful — take a look for yourself!

Gungor: i received an e-mail this week from Mocha Club asking if i could help out at a Gungor concert in October. ironically enough, i had just listened to Michael Gungor’s music for the first time the day before & fell in love. this song in particular has been played who knows how many times this week.

You make beautiful things, you make beautiful things out of the dust. You make beautiful things, you make beautiful things out of us.

wishing you a beautiful Friday, M.

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