i am an African.

three years ago i had the opportunity to spend three weeks in Kenya — it will forever be one of the single greatest experiences of my life. i struggle to even find the words to describe Africa’s impact on my life, simply put, there are none. i long for the day i can return again.

my friend Meredith (yes the same Meredith that introduced me to Found) shared this poem about Africa with me this week — it gave me chills.  if you, like me, have been blessed with the opportunity to spend any length of time in Africa, i think you’ll understand why.

and if you haven’t been to Africa, may the words that follow give you a glimpse into why it is so dear to those of us who have.

I am an African. – Wayne Visser

I am an African
Not because I was born there
But because my heart beats with Africa’s
I am an African
Not because my skin is black
But because my mind is engaged by Africa
I am an African
Not because I live on its soil
But because my soul is at home in Africa
When Africa weeps for her children
My cheeks are stained with tears
When Africa honours her elders
My head is bowed in respect
When Africa mourns for her victims
My hands are joined in prayer
When Africa celebrates her triumphs
My feet are alive with dancing
I am an African
For her blue skies take my breath away
And my hope for the future is bright
I am an African
For her people greet me as family
And teach me the meaning of community
I am an African
For her wildness quenches my spirit
And brings me closer to the source of life
When the music of Africa beats in the wind
My blood pulses to its rhythm
And I become the essence of music
When the colours of Africa dazzle in the sun
My senses drink in its rainbow
And I become the palette of nature
When the stories of Africa echo round the fire
My feet walk in its pathways
And I become the footprints of history
I am an African
Because she is the cradle of our birth
And nurtures an ancient wisdom
I am an African
Because she lives in the world’s shadow
And bursts with a radiant luminosity
I am an African
Because she is the land of tomorrow
And I recognise her gifts as sacred.

a school in Kenya.

my sweet boys -- Pius (P Yoos) & Augustine.

my Sarah --- she will forever have a piece of my heart.

One response to “i am an African.

  1. Molly Bail at Springs of Hope in Kenya read the Africa poem. She told me to let you know you could come and stay with her at SOH…. I still want to go there… She’s on facebook if you want to add her as a friend….

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