Feel-good Friday: greetings, October.

the final quarter of 2010 has officially begun & the passage of time at such rapid speeds is officially blowing my mind. September, all 5 days we had of you were wonderful, but please tell October to slow it down a bit.

as for yours truly, i have officially hit a wall of exhaustion: crazy schedule + restless sleep = tired gal. i’m incredibly thankful to be heading home for a wedding/catering stuff & can not wait to sleep in my own bed.

and i’m also quite thankful for this week’s batch of feel-goods, so let’s not waste anymore time!

Poppie Lane: I had the true blessing of working w. my dear friend Meghan this week & among the MANY things we chatted about, this incredible GEM was my favorite. Meet Lauren, creator of Poppie Lane designs. She & her husband John are eagerly awaiting the day they get to bring their baby boy Tucker home from Ethiopia — seeing as that I have personally wanted to adopt since I was 10, I immediately fell in love with Lauren’s story. She’s making and selling these fantastic headbands & accessories to raise the final sum needed to bring Tucker home — I was instantly hooked. Now if only I could narrow down which design I want to order…

so. stinkin'. cute.

Bedtime Story: well, not exactly. This incredible book mobile has me wanting to create a little library  room with these beauties hanging from the ceiling. It’s just a wee bit magical, wouldn’t you agree?

all TIED up: i have a confession: i have always been super jealous of boys for getting to wear ties — not any more!  completely & utterly geeking-out over this tie necklace

Light bulb moment: BIG surprise, my love of light bulbs has reared it’s head yet again. This chandelier is to-die for & reminded me so much of the Thomas Edison design from Pottery Barn I’ve had on my “one day in my house” list for the last two years.

i love. i love. i love.

Baseball Boys: we’re heading back to Africa w. this feel-good. i came across this precious story on CNN yesterday & cheered w. delight. The 3:26 you’ll need to watch the video is well worth it so sit back, click the link & smile!

All the Way: by Carolyne Neuman is my song of the week — i can’t get enough. You don’t have to be afraid to let you heart decide, and I’ll be right beside you all the way…

and a closing ? : to live or simply exist — it’s a daily choice.

happy Friday to you & yours! abundant joy, M.

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