Tuesday Tunes: Maroon 5.

don’t you just love Tuesdays? I’m personally a fan of any day filled with music —  mmm, so I guess that would be every day.

today we’re spending some time w. Maroon 5. the guys need no introduction as most of you have heard them on the radio for the last six years, but they did just release a new album Hands All Over two weeks ago & i was finally able to sit down and spend some time with it over the weekend.

while the album as a whole didn’t leave me speechless, the songs that i do like, i like A LOT. and by A LOT, i mean they’ve been playing on repeat. M5, especially front man Adam Levine, have a very distinct sound, but this album finds them changing it up a bit — i approve & i hope you do too. happy listening, friends!

note: my apologies for the somewhat risque photo on the following videos — it’s the album’s cover & i couldn’t find any decent quality videos without it…so it is what it is.

Just A Feeling: my absolute favorite — the  semi-acapella harmonies starting at the 2:53 mark are quite delightful.

How: this one runs a very close 2nd — the second verse in particular might just be my favorite 40 seconds of the entire album . I can feel it in my gut what’s going on with him now. Don’t patronize me with lies, I’m a man, be a woman now. I hear you, Adam — in my opinion, the best his voice has ever sounded. gracious.

Runaway: the sound gets a little grittier on this one. me likes.

and a little bonus for you — Maroon 5 goes country. well, not exactly. Featuring the lovely voices of Lady Antebellum, Out of Goodbyes has  the perfect hint of country twang.

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