Feel-good Friday: weekend push.

is anybody else tired this week? i for one can’t seem to stop yawning. this week has been filled w. amazing people, but with a packed schedule i’ve had little to no down time & not a lot of shut-eye — i have yet to come close to my needed 8 hours a night.

and my work week doesn’t end this weekend either seeing as that i’ll be in the chocolate factory both Saturday & Sunday. it’s a blessing to love where you work so much that you don’t even mind giving up your weekend…so i’m not complaining.

instead, i think i  just need an extra dose of feel-good to gear up for the weekend push. in case you’re in need of a little energy boost too, i hope the following feel-goods get the job done!

street art: an arts organization in Cincinnati decided to take art to the streets, literally. Five artists came up with a plan for the painting, chalked the outline of the painting, and added numbers for the colors.  Over 1000 volunteers then helped paint what was essentially a seven block-long paint-by-number painting…ridiculously awesome.

ice-cream “i do”: this Seattle couple saved room for ice cream on their wedding day — EVEN BETTER, they brought in a full out ice cream TRUCK to serve up the cold stuff to their guests. now i’m not a major ice-cream eater, but i’ll scream for this one!

there’s an app for that: or in this case, multiple apps. there may not be a singular app for proposing to your girlfriend, but Chad didn’t let that stop him. He asked his girlfriend Vy to marry him using his iPhone — huh? watch & see… Chad took “the proposal” to a whole new level.

t-strap mary janes: smitten with this photo by Cara Robbins.

kitchen drawer creation: spotted this beauty on design*sponge this week & nearly flipped when i discovered it’s made from drinking straws.

it’s a girl’s world: i was reminded this week of how much i love this routine choreographed by the brilliant Mia Michaels. black & white checkerboard + hot pink tutu + allison holker = amazingness.

b.james: SO EXCITED to be seeing Brendan TONIGHT in Durham — the brother and I saw him in NYC in May and were left speechless. i have no doubt we’ll once again be at a loss for words. (if video doesn’t work, follow this link & enjoy!)


i’ve got some pretty phenomenal posts to share after i make it through the wonderful craziness of this weekend —- see you on the other side?

looking forward to it! happy weekend to you & yours, M.



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