a PB Christmas.

i know, i know…it’s only October & I PROMISE you I am in no hurry for it to be Christmas, but the little girl I am babysitting is currently down for a nap & I have the newest Pottery Barn magazine in hand.

and of course a few holiday nick-nacks caught my eye (:

Advent Calendars: i love how both of these calendars were created to be “statement” pieces — and the fact that they can be used as fun storage for craft items after the holidays is an added bonus!

NOEL: based off the original “LOVE” U.S. postage stamp from 1973, i adore the vintage/country blend of this iron piece.

the inspiration.


this last item has nothing to do with the holidays — but how stinkin’ amazing is this pendant light fixture made of mason jars & light bulbs. Hello, could this be anymore me?


ok, that’s enough virtual shopping for me today — i’m now off to wait on Miss Virginia to wake up so we can go play outside on this most gorgeous day!

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