a lot of people are getting hitched today seeing as that 10.10.10 makes for a pretty stellar anniversary. a lot of babies will be born today as well…and 10.10.10 makes for a pretty stellar birthday too.

so what are you doing today? the question was raised on a global scale over two years ago when a group of independent filmmakers started One Day on Earth. Now a collaborative effort backed by the United Nations and global non-profits, ODOE is happening TODAY, at this very moment.  Thousands of people from around the world are recording the 24-hour time period of 10.10.10 & then submitting their footage to be compiled into one film — One Day on Earth. Kind cool, huh? Check in on the progress of ODOE here & watch some pretty sweet trailers here.

as for my 10.10.10, there’s nothing too crazy about it — church this morning at Summit was wonderful & now i’m off to play with some cute kids for the afternoon before heading in to Rocky Mountain for a few hours this evening. And tonight I have a phone date w. the best friend all the way in New Zealand, yipppeee!!! All in all it’s a simple day but a good day, & i think that’s exactly how it should be (:

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