Tuesday Tunes: breathe easy.

i’ll just admit right off the bat that i’m flaking out on you a bit this week — to make a long story short, I left home at 8:15 am & returned at 10:15 pm…i’m tired. And I still have some files to convert and compile to send to board members before tomorrow — so I’m a little stressed too. It’s not a difficult task whatsoever, but I’m so very ready to put this day to bed & myself along with it.

needless to say, tonight is one of those nights when music becomes a little refuge from the craziness of life — and tonight, i’m super grateful for such a refuge.

instead of giving you a thorough introduction to a new artist today, i’ve decided to put together a little compilation of songs below that currently reside in my iTunes playlist “breathe easy.” some are new. some are old. all are peace-inducing. and yours truly here will be listening to all of them for the remainder of tonight.

here’s to breathing a little easier, M.

Ray LaMontagne “Shelter” — no one does it like Ray.

Amy Kuney “Hope a Little Harder” — only video I could find with the song but it’s actually pretty wonderful.

Justin Timberlake w. Matt Morris “Hallelujah” — brilliant.

Shannon LaBrie “Calls Me Home” — i’ve been obsessed with this one for months now & really need Shannon to release a full length album.

Civil Twilight “Quiet In My Town” — this is one of those “feel it in your gut” songs.

Andrew Belle “Open Your Eyes”she’ll be a star now, i will follow her lead. she’ll be a scar now, i will still let her bleed.

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