eye candy.

i’m not in the mood for words today (shocker, i know) but instead just need some inspiration — what follows is a smattering of images that have recently caught my eye & deserve to be shared  — there is no common link between any two images, in fact they’re all quite random & unique.

i assure you i’ll be back with more words very soon, promise. until then, take a few moments & find a little inspiration of your own!  -M.

freckles: this photo is STUNNING.

choices: the colors of this photo scream energy — i’ve also recently been on a nail-polish kick…

ring-a-ling: it’s vintage & icy blue…need I say more?

gray day: i came across this photo twice & was drawn to it both times. nubby sweater, sleek bag & shades of soothing gray.

simplicty: at its very best. this is simply perfect.

boots: i just immediately loved it…that’s kinda all there is to it.

CUTEness: i couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share this one…I mean seriously, how flippin’ cute is this little girl? She’s pure joy & her little shift dress + tights + ballet flats are precious.

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