Feel-good Friday: good morning.

and how are you on this fine Friday?

i for one am incredibly grateful to have had the last two days to slow things down a bit & get some rest — yes, my mind is still constantly turning & i am rarely, if ever, idle — but it’s been so refreshing to post-up at the kitchen table today & get things done instead of having 12 places to be.

it was also nice to FINALLY have a chance to scour the internet for this week’s  batch of feel-goods after the craziness of the last week — i seriously have so much fun gathering the goods & so needed an excuse to set apart some time to “explore.”

so without further adieu, let’s get on with it!

Emerson Made: i’m not big on flowers — i go through phases where i want fresh flowers in vases (specifically hydrangeas in the summer), but for the most part I have a pretty average liking of them. then Emerson came along and quickly changed my mind. whether you wear’em on your collar, pin’em in your hair or lay’em on a table, these blooms make quite a statement. and even better, these florals won’t die…’tis the beauty in them being fake (;

apple a day: i was just thinking to myself the other day that i need a new make-up/toiletry bag. i am proud to say i have considerably decreased the amount of “stuff” i lug around with me — so a cute, smaller (but still roomy) bag would be ideal. this adorable bowling bag from Apple & Bee has recently jumped to the top of my list of favorites (:


green is my favorite color...



but black is pretty cute too.


papercuts: if you’ve ever spent any time with an X-Acto knife, you know they’re not the easiest things to use — well, unless you’re super gifted in that department. and Jonathan, the designer behind the Etsy shop mrYen is one such individual — hand cut paper makes for some beautiful art.


teeny tiny branches.



i'm a fan of the keys...a fan, indeed.


Halloween jazz: we’ve been cranking out all kinds of Halloween treats at the chocolate factory in the last week & will undoubtedly do even more in the weeks ahead. last night at the store i was put on “specialty” duty and spent a good two hours with my hands covered in chocolate & orange sugar sand…have i mentioned lately that working in a chocolate store is a whole lot of fun?


pumpkins. eyeballs. ghosts. ah yes!

pumpkins. eyeballs. ghosts. ah yes!


old-school glam: i came across this table set-up & swooned over that black & white striped table cloth — and whoever knew that yellow-stemmed silverware & tarnished copper containers would look fabulous on top of it is positively brilliant. i of course was intrigued & knew the couple behind this wedding reception had to be pretty unique…i was right. from his red shoes to her feathered skirt & black hose, this couple didn’t lose an ounce of their personal style when it came time to tie the knot.

Grammer check: and yes, I do mean Grammer with an “e”, Andy Grammer to be exact. Mr. B. James shared his good pal Andy’s new single “Keep Your Head Up” this week & i listened to about 10 seconds of the preview before dropping .99 cents on iTunes to purchase it. it’s got a sweet rhythm perfect for a feel-good weekend (:

thanks for dropping by…have a splendid Friday!

One response to “Feel-good Friday: good morning.

  1. I love how the bride’s nails match his shoes. Classic!

    And Andy Grammer, pretty catchy. Reminds me of B.Reith a bit.

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