riding solo.

i (re)learned a valuable lesson this weekend — what i want is not necessarily what’s best for me, nor will the world end if everything doesn’t work out according to plan…at least my plan, that is.

you see, it’s not my plan but His that my heart desires; and i was reminded again this weekend how truly perfect His plan is.

yesterday I drove 2 hours down to Wilmington to volunteer for the Mocha Club at a Gungor concert. i planned this trip about a month ago with one of my best friends, KD. Mocha Club + live music + a drive to coast, we had the grandest intentions of making it a little mini vacation by spending the weekend in Wilmington just hanging out and stepping away from our crazy schedules.

as often happens in life, things didn’t go as planned. to make a long story short, KD was unable to ride shot-gun with me (though she desperately wanted to) and after asking 15 other people if they would be interested in tagging along only to hear “i already have plans” returned every time, i had to face reality: i was riding solo and i wasn’t happy.

i worked an opening shift at the chocolate factory before hitting the road and i’ll be the first to admit that my attitude was beyond miserable for most of the morning. my heart was no longer in the trip and i couldn’t get past the fact that “my plans” had been ruined…it was an ugly, ugly pity party. when it came time to hit the road i’d finally had enough of my own crap and knew i couldn’t put the car in drive without first having a major attitude adjustment.

“Lord, you know i’m frustrated and disappointed in how this day has turned out,” i literally said out loud while still parked in the mall parking lot, “please soften my heart and open my eyes to the blessings that can still come from this day.”

with a slightly less heavier heart, i hit the road with no expectations  & began my drive into what would eventually turn out to be an incredible blessing-filled night…what can i say, He is so good.

as i’ve mentioned before, i’ve found driving by myself is when i do my best thinking OR when i get to turn off my mind for a little while and get lost in new music. a little bit of both happened during my 2 hour drive and by the time I arrived at Rock Church in Wilmington, i was honestly surprised at how much better i already felt. this may not be so bad after all…

not only did the evening turn out to be “not so bad,” it turned out to be quite wonderful & this is thanks in great part to my new friend Jenna. i’d been at the Mocha Club table for less than 10 minutes when Jenna arrived to run the merchandise table right beside me…less than 5 mins later I knew she was God’s answer to my parking lot prayer from earlier that afternoon. Within minutes of meeting, Jenna, a recent graduate like myself, and I quickly established that we both love music, both love kids, and both are ok with the fact that we’re not following the traditional “post-graduate” path. I might even go so far as to say it was an immediate friendship (:

Ms. Jenna was an absolute joy to spend the evening with and by night’s end we were already making plans to see each other again — needless to say, I hit the road back home with my heart still heavy, only this time it was full of gratitude…gratitude for an amazing new friend and for the much needed reminder that His plan is perfect.

ahhh yes, we also had 12 new sign-ups for Mocha Club (amazing!) and Gungor was PHENOMENAL…(hint: stay tuned for this week’s Tuesday Tunes).

kicking my plans to the curb, M.


4 responses to “riding solo.

  1. And to think I could have deprived you of a wonderful new friend – I’ll do my best not to “worry” so much when you “ride solo” – Love you!

  2. Your last comment would make a great book title…

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