Tuesday Tunes: Gungor.

after seeing the brilliance of Gungor this past weekend it seemed only fair they be this week’s featured Tuesday Tunes artist.

to see Gungor live is an experience in itself. very much aware of the connection between music & visual stimulation, Gungor’s live shows are full of stunning digital imagery & intentional use of lighting. i realize this makes it sound as if Gungor is performing in a circus on stage, but i promise the use of visuals and lighting to accompany their musical performance is truly incredible…just take my word for it.

i was fortunate to see Gungor take to the stage backed by a full musical ensemble of 11 musicians with 20+ instruments…let me tell you, it was kind of amazing. and i assure you the musicality of their newest album Beautiful Things (and all their music for that matter) is just as good.

i love Gungor’s music & i fully appreciate their artistic quirkiness (check out their awesome album cover) and undeniable faith, so it’s my pleasure to share them with you today…happy listening!

Beautiful Things: the title track says it all.

You Have Me: these lyrics blow me away. [side note: Cara, my contact for Mocha Club, plays the cello for Gungor and after watching/hearing her play live, i’m convinced it’s right up there with the harmonica as “world’s coolest instrument.

The Earth is Yours: now this is what i call an anthem. and the intro is a brilliant example of Lisa rocking the glockenspiel…love it. 

Bonus: some of the crew gathered “live in the forest” to record The Earth is Yours & even used elements of the good Lord’s earth to do so. this one makes me smile (:

3 responses to “Tuesday Tunes: Gungor.

  1. i LOVE “live in the forest” – -so cool 🙂

  2. Gungor’s been popping up all over lately. It’s time I take a sound bite of what the internet keeps shoving toward my ears.

  3. I may have developed a musical crush on your mocha club contact Cara. I’m really impressed by Gungor. I’m glad I finally broke down and listened.

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