couch cushions + brown paper bags.

i’m currently snuggling with a fleece blanket in my own bed at home & so looking forward to the blissful hours of sleep ahead. i won’t be needing any sheep tonight.

in spite of a significant decrease in sleep over the last several nights + a dreary gray day, i was quite surprised by how wonderful today was.

it seems couch cushions & brown paper bags have a way of putting a little extra pep in my step — and another smile or two on my face as well!

special delivery: James shipped out a box of greatness today bound for New Zealand; it will be delivered to a certain blonde who just so happens to be his fiance & my best friend! he kindly let me sneak in a few of my own goodies & i stayed up late last night (i wont say exactly how late) burning CDs and writing notes…somewhere along the way an entire brown paper bag was demolished (:

handmade cds.

handmade = heartfelt.


99 cent tissue paper + 99 cent wraphia = gift worthy.

pillow pow-wow: i spend a good bit of time with kids these days & Hannah and Samuel have always been two of my favorites. one of their favorite things to do is pull all the cushions off the couches and build forts. or play house. or do belly flops. or take naps. today was no exception & i found myself curling up in the cushions right along with them… pretend sleeping.

she's a mess and i adore her.

yikes. eyes are shutting now. must go to sleep now. sweetest of dreams, M.

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