Feel-good “Saturday”: just a smidge late.

my apologies for not allocating the appropriate time needed to get this week’s Feel-good Friday post in on Friday — still working on that thing called time management!

but when it comes to creative, inspiring & smile-inducing goodness, any day is perfect for some feel-goods! per usual this week’s round up is quite random, just the way i like it (:

without further delay, let the list begin:

pretty creepy crawlers: like most people, spiders give me the heebie jeebies, however i came across these darling critters on design*sponge and couldn’t resist their cuteness…even if they are spiders. old clip-on earrings & florist wire team up to make  spiders no one will be afraid of & they’re perfect as place-card holders & picture stands!

fingerprints: in last week’s Feel-good Friday post i introduced you to mrYen’s hand-cut paper art…well it appears i have a crush on hand-cut paper because i’m bringing you more this week! Lori does custom-cut fingerprint art that is UHmazing — they’re  brilliant & unique & totally personal…after all, no two fingerprints are alike!

how wonderfully perfect for a Mr. & Mrs.

school pride: mom & i discovered this incredible show tonight on NBC and i couldn’t wait to share it with you — School Pride. NBC. Fridays. 8 PM. watch lives be changed & hope restored in schools across the country. neither mom nor i could fight the tears…i challenge you to make it through an episode with dry eyes!

fred flare: my best friend in high school & i used to love searching through the quirky “stuff” at fredflare.com for funny gifts for our friends. perhaps i was hankering for a bit of nostalgia this week because i popped over to fred’s for the first time in years & it took me no time to make a list of things i liked — and although they didn’t make my list, bacon bandaids & mustache mugs are available for sale to all interested parties!

key to my...finger? so pretty.

20 polaroid pictures turned into notecards --- awesome.

geek moment: this sweet thing plays 45s, CDs & digital files...music bliss.

i. want. these. perfect bit of retro-flare for my 21st century music gadgets.

who. i. am.: Jess introduced this little gem to me this week in the office & the two of us commenced to dance in our seats for a good 10 minutes after. in case you ever need a reminder of how awesome YOU are…let will.i.am & the Sesame Street gang give you a little confidence boost.

i hope your weekend is off to a sensational start & only continues to get better — as for next week,  i’ll be introducing a new “weekly series” i’m super pumped about & putting together another batch of eye candy due to the popularity of last week’s post…so check back in soon!    joys, M.

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