youtube wonders.

YouTube & the Guggenheim Museum recently joined forces to celebrate the creativity swirling throughout the realms of cyberspace. YouTube Play. A Biennial of Creative Video is a short-term exhibit currently taking place at all four Guggenheim museums around the world and aims to showcase the amazing talent and artistic efforts found in online video.

Over 23,000 videos were submitted by people from around the world and then narrowed down to a short list of 125 before then being narrowed down a final time to the top 25 by a panel of judges. This could not have been an easy task.

To learn more about the exhibit and see the complete list of the top 25, hop over to the Guggenheim to read all about it. For now, I’ve chosen my own personal favorites from the list to share here, and let me tell you, I had a ball going through them all!

prepare yourself for the following awesomeness.

Gardyn: (Nick Bertke, Australia). he created music inspired from his mother’s garden…can you say, legit?

Noteboek: (Eveline Lohbeck, Netherlands). an ordinary notebook has a bit of magic all it’s own.

I Met the Walrus: in 1969 14-year-old Jerry Levitan snuck into a hotel with a microphone & managed to snag an interview w. John Lennon. 40 years later he teamed up with three graphic artists to create something truly amazing — the graphics in this video are unbelievable.

The Huber Experiments – Vol 1: (Erik & Matthew Huber, Georgia).      i seriously have watched this 7 times already…

Birds on the Wires: (Jarbas Agnelli, Brazil). short & sweet but so, so cool.

Words: (Everynone, New York). Friends Will Hoffman, Daniel Mercadante & Julius Metoyer are Everynone & together they strive to make everyday things beautiful. Pay close attention to the visual flow of “words” — brilliance.

has your mind been totally blown yet? which one is your favorite?

dear YouTube & Guggenheim, you guys rock.

One response to “youtube wonders.

  1. Alright, the chicken falling and wobbling (Huber experiments), that was gross.

    And amazing.

    And the birds? Brilliant.

    You have quite a knack for finding amazing things.

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