Tuesday Tunes: The Daylights.

this may come as quite a shock, but i was actually having a bit of a hard time deciding on this week’s Tuesday Tunes artist — call it  indecisiveness.

& then it hit  me, while i was washing dishes no less, who have i been listening to in the car for the last two weeks? Answer: The Daylights.

brothers Ran & Ricky Jackson along with drummer Svend Lerche make-up the LA trio The Daylights, a band that’s been garnering quite a bit of attention in the music world as of late. i honestly don’t remember how i first came to hear the group, but as always happens, i ended up on iTunes, loved what my ears were hearing…and well, the rest is history. the guys have been a car (err, SUV) favorite during my commutes to and from work the last few weeks & sound quite nice with the windows down.

you can imagine my delight when i discovered last week that The Daylights are currently opening for NEEDTOBREATHE’s Won’t Turn Back tour…that’s a 2 for 1 deal if ever there was one.

and YOU GUESSED IT, i’ve already secured my ticket for an upcoming show. and i might just be a little excited (:

so don’t delay: have yourself a listen & if you like what you hear, feel free to follow my lead!   my music is your music, M.

Rogue Machine: the first single & my first  introduction.

Outsider: an original from an EP the guys released over six years ago, however, any song that begins with “la la la” will never get old in my book.

Weapons: listen to the words…they’ve got a point. oh yes, this one is also my favorite.

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